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Advisory Council on Strategy and Planning

The Advisory Council on Strategy and Planning, created from the Presidential Instruction that determined the creation of the Technical Secretariat, must advise the Technical Secretariat and the DTPM in the decision-making regarding the continuity of the services provided by the Public Transport System of Santiago, as well as analyze and propose improvements to the projects and proposals made by the Technical Secretariat.

The Advisory Council is composed of academics, transport experts, representatives of citizens' organizations, the municipalities of the city of Santiago and the Regional Metropolitan Government. Each member provides their opinions aiming to enrich the process carried out by the Technical Secretariat of the DTPM.


Technical Secretariat of the DTPM

dtpmThe Technical Secretariat for Strategy and Planning has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are currently working on the preparation and development of the Tender for Routes Use in the Metropolitan Public Transport System.

Eric Martin, industrial engineer, is the Technical Secretary leading the work of this unit, which is part of the Board of the Metropolitan Public Transport (DTPM). In this context, their goal is to integrate the different areas that make up the tender process for routes use as well as the complementary technological and terminal services.

Engineers, experts in public transport, lawyers, journalists and technicians who specialize in the development of service improvement strategies work together with the various management bodies that make up the DTPM to create improvements in the system for the long term, taking into account the knowledge and experience that has brought the evolution of Transantiago.

In the long term ,the vision of this institution is to generate a continuous improvement in the strategies in order to develop a high-quality public transport, which is sustainable for future operators, optimizing the use of the resources available in the current system.

Think-tank for the transport of the future in Santiago

This institution, made up of professionals linked to public transport, looks towards the development of the system and its evolution, aiming to define what are the specific needs to further improve the mobility of the inhabitants of the capital of Santiago.

Different teams analyze the current information of the transport system, build studies and assessments to determine an evolutionary development aiming towards a high-quality model for the users.

In the Technical Secretariat for Planning and Strategy, there are different perspectives for the design of better transport alternatives, such as the area that analyzes the routes through which buses will pass or the area that analyzes the types of buses that will be allowed in the city. There is also an area that defines the strategic locations for terminals, and the technological area strives for the correct operation of the system in terms of security and control.

These teams are directly linked to the various departments of the Board of the Metropolitan Public Transport, monitoring the daily behavior of the system and identifying specific opportunities for change in the mid- and long term, including improvements in the tender processes for Transantiago.