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Up-to-date technical content for future bidders

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications updates essential technical contents, including reference services and operating programs to facilitate the development of offers from operators wishing to participate in the road use tender.

These are annexes that include referential services for each business unit, where operators wishing to participate in the bidding process may collect information relevant to the development of their commercial offers. On the other hand, it also includes in the annexes the reference operational programs that could be developed by the operators themselves to include in their proposals.

In this context, the Ministry provides through these contents tools for companies to design their operational proposals. It should be noted that the published information responds to referential information of the tender bases that are under review by the comptroller, so the main objective of the publication is to guide future operators in their proposals, since the documents are in pdf and exel to allow the use of these formats and its scope for the renovation of almost half of the current fleet of the public transport system of Santiago.

To know more about these new documents, go to the following link: Documents Transantiago renews itself.





MTT's first committee with academics assesses the impact of Metro lines 3 and 6 and new routes

Keeping in mind the commitment made in the public consultation process and the feedback that was received, the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications created three instances of collaboration with academics that will include planners, economists and transport engineers. On Wednesday, after a second meeting was held, work with transport engineers began. They will participate in the design of the routes, business units, incentives and mechanisms to reduce evasion.

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The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications submitted the bidding rules for the redesign of Transantiago to the Comptroller General of the Republic

Minister Paola Tapia said that postponing the process was ruled out, as improvements for users ought to be promoted as soon as possible, and the delay would result in high costs for the State. The text includes the requirement to add at least 180 high-standard buses to the system, an overarching improvement for the control of evasion, the reduction of the size of the operators, improvements in payment mechanisms and new routes, amongst other optimizations.

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